is time to attack Harrisonville, the coun●ty seat of Cass County, and capture it if po●ssible. With this object in view●, and after every preparatio■n was made for a vigorous campaign, h■e moved eight miles east of Independence, cam■ping near the Little Blue, in the v

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icinity of■ Job Crabtree’s. He camped always nea●r or in a house. For this he had t


wo reasons●. First, that its occupants might gat■her up for him all the news possible; and, secon●d, that in the event of a surprise a sure■ rallying63 point would always be● at hand. He had a theory that after ■a Guerrilla was given time to get over● the first eff

ects of a sudden charge or ambus●hment the very nature of his militar●y status made him invincible; th●at after an opportunity was afford●ed him to think, a surrender was■ next to impossible. Before there was time to● attack Harrisonville, however, a sco●ut reported Peabody again on the war pa■th, this time bent on an utter exterm■ination of the Guerrillas, and he well-nig●h kept his word. From Job Crabtree’s■, Quantrell had moved to an unoccupied■

house known as the Low ho

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use●, and then from this house he had gone■ to some contiguous timber to biv■ouac f


or the night. About te●n o’clock the sky suddenly b■ecame overcast, a fresh wind blew f●rom the east, and rain fell in torrents. Aga●in the house was occupied, th■e horses being hitched along the fence in t●he rear of it, the door on the south, ■the only door, having a bar across■ it in lieu of a sentinel. Such sol■diering was perfectly inexcusable, and i●t taught Quantrell a lesson to remembe■r until the day of his death. In the● morning preceding

the day o■f the attack Lieutenant Nash, of Peab●ody’s regiment, commanding two hundred men, h■ad struck Quantrell’s trail, but lost it late■r on, and then found it again just■ about sunset. He was informed■ of Quantrell’s having gone from the L■ow house to the brush and of his hav●ing come back to it when the rai■n began falling heavily. To a certa■in extent this64 seeking shelter■ was a necessity on the part of● Quantrell. The men had no cartri/p>

馾ge boxes, and not all of

them had overc■oats. If once their ammunition w■ere damaged, it would be as ■though sheep should attac

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as, and were bringing to bear every avail■able carbine in command upon the ■only door. At first all was confus■ion. Across the logs that once had supp●orted an upper floor some boards h●ad been laid, and sleeping upon them were T●odd, Blunt and William Carr. Favored ■by the almost impenetrable darkness,● Quantrell determined upon an immed


iate a■bandonment of the house. He called loud●ly twice for all to follow him and dashe■d through the door under a galling● fire. Those in the loft did not hea●r him, and maintained in reply to the Federal● volleys a lively fusillade. Th■en Cole Younger, James Little, Joseph G

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